What is Takaraginu: Treasure Silk

The silk industry, that has been contributor to the modernization of Japan, now faces a crisis of survival because of relocating production overseas and imported yarn threads. Nowadays, the ratio of the authentic Japanese silk to all silk products distributing in Japan becomes only one percent or less.
The people involved in the production and sales of silk products cooperate with each other and are trying to make attractive products, made from only Japanese silkworm cocoons and yarn threads.
The silkworms, which are raised carefully such as feeding on mulberry-leaves, become silkworm cocoons, and then become silk yarn threads and fabric after delicately spun and weaved. Including this process, the authentic Japanese silk is regarded as one of Japanese treasures “Takara (treasure) -ginu (silk)”.
We believe we should preserve this authentic Japanese silk as well as keep appealing to consumers its beauty and value so that this treasure becomes an integral part of Japanese people’s life for the future from now.